Women's leather sandals

Women's leather sandals: Made in Italy footwear where elegance meets comfort

The essence of Brador women's leather sandals is captured by theirability to combine elegance and comfort in an impeccable manner. Each pair is a perfect combination of design and craftsmanship, the result of a history of passion and craftsmanship handed down through generations of skilled Romagna craftsmen.

The collection features a variety of styles, reflecting the authentic beauty and superior quality of true Made in Italy. Whether it's a minimal design for everyday occasions or a bolder pattern for special moments,each Brador sandal stands out for refined detailsand scrupulous attention to comfort. The leather used, selected for its excellence, guarantees resistance and a perfect adaptation to the foot, ensuring a fit that is as comfortable as it is elegant.

Through the use ofnatural materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Brador offers a range of footwear that not only enhances every outfit, but also celebrates the identity and unique style of the wearer.


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Made in italy

40 years of experience and passion

Elegant women's sandals: many models embellished with unique details

Brador women's leather sandals embody elegance in every detail . The collection includes a wide selection of models, each embellished with unique and unrepeatable details. From the classic black sandal with thin straps, perfect for an elegant evening, to the more colorful and particular models for free time, there is a choice for every taste and occasion.

Our elegant women's sandals are designed to enhance femininity and add an unmistakable touch of class to any outfit, always ensuring maximum comfort. They perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship with modern trends, offering a variety of options that successfully respond to any style need.

The innovative design and attention to detail are reflected in each pair , ensuring that each sandal is not just an accessory, but a real jewel to wear, on any occasion and time of the day.

Flat or with heel? Elegant women's leather sandals for any occasion

In the Brador collection, many models of elegant women's leather sandals coexist in perfect harmony. For those who prefer uncompromising comfort, flat sandals are ideal, excellent for elegantly accompanying the daily rhythms.

On the contrary, heeled sandals represent a sophisticated choice for those occasions where you want an extra touch of class. Each Brador design, whether understated or bold, is designed to gracefully adapt to different personalities and times of day. Excellence in craftsmanship and attention to detail are reflected in each pair, ensuring not only a perfect fit, but also a unique expression of personal style.

Women's leather sandals: the perfect detail to complete any summer look – H2

Brador women's leather sandals are the emblem of summer elegance , an essential detail to complete any look. They stand out for their versatility, embracing a variety of styles ranging from essential to sophisticated.

The leather, selected for its fine quality, wraps the foot delicately , adapting gracefully and providing maximum comfort. This shoe is not just an accessory, but a statement of elegance, a celebration of modern and conscious femininity.

Each model, available in a color palette ranging from neutral and natural tones to more lively and bold ones, is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Brador women's leather sandals go harmoniously with every outfit , from light summer dresses to palazzo trousers, creating a perfect balance between comfort and modernity.

Women's leather sandals handmade according to the canons of true Made in Italy

Each Brador sandal is an example of artisanal excellence, handmade according to the canons of authentic Made in Italy . This process guarantees not only superior quality, but also particular attention to every detail. From the stitching to the choice of leather, every aspect is carefully studied to offer a shoe that is not only beautiful to look at, but also long-lasting.

The mastery of Brador craftsmen is expressed in every detail. The carefully selected leather is worked with techniques that respect both tradition and innovation , creating sandals that not only hug the foot with elegance, but also tell a story of passion and dedication.

Women's leather mules: elegance meets practicality

Women's leather mules are a perfect combination of sophistication and versatility . The collection ranges from essential and minimal models to more particular ones, enriched with sophisticated details. The high quality leather used not only ensures durability, but softens and adapts to the foot, ensuring unsurpassed comfort.

The carefully thought-out design of these shoes ensures a comfortable fit for the whole day, while the chic appearance makes them a must-have in every women's wardrobe . Choosing Brador mules means embracing an aesthetic where luxury meets practicality, celebrating the beauty and independence of the modern woman.

Summer leather sandals: a universe of colours, styles and unique details

The Brador summer leather sandal collection is a celebration of diversity and elegance. Each pair features a unique look. The color palette ranges from pastel nuances to brighter shades, reflecting the essence of the summer season.

These women's leather sandals are not simply footwear, but real jewels to wear proudly on your feet , designed for those who want to stand out with grace and style. Craftsmanship combines with creativity in the design of each sandal, ensuring unparalleled comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

Summer leather sandals: footwear that acquires charm over time

Brador summer leather sandals are footwear that not only complete your look, but acquire charm and character as time passes. The high-quality leather used ages beautifully but does not deteriorate , acquiring a unique look. This feature makes them not only a fashionable accessory, but a real travel companion that reflects your personal history.

Every fold and nuance that emerges over time tells a story , that of the steps you have taken, the adventures experienced, the days spent. Women's leather sandals transform, adapting perfectly to your lifestyle and becoming a personal expression of elegance and refinement.

Buy a pair of women's leather sandals handmade by expert craftsmen

Purchasing a pair of women's leather sandals by Brador means choosing a product made exclusively by hand by expert craftsmen. Each model is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process , where tradition blends with innovation to create unique and superior quality footwear.

By choosing Brador, you support not only the excellence of Made in Italy, but also the art of footwear manufacturing, preserving a cultural heritage and craftsmanship that has been handed down for generations. Live the experience of wearing a story of passion and dedication with every step.