For Brador's 20th anniversary, we have decided to present an exclusive limited edition of sneakers and sandals completely hand-tattooed by our expert tattoo artist.

Leather, a true natural palette, always used by Brador footwear, becomes a canvas, a body, a highly original artistic and decorative artefact.
Brador Tattoo Anniversary will be available to the most attentive and original customers who want to book, purchase and collect a Brador model that is unique in the world and above all inimitable.

Brador also offers the possibility of customizing the shoe according to text and image details requested by the most demanding customer.



We will give you the opportunity to have a unique piece on your feet, not only made but also hand-tattooed by our tattoo artist. You can also personalize the item with drawings and writings to make it even more unique.

Let's find out together how to order the limited edition:

step 1

choice of item

First you will have to choose the item. The tattoo edition extends exclusively to the Shelby shoe line, the Close sandal for men and the mule for women

Once you have chosen the item you must communicate it to us at the following email:

step 2

test fitting

Once the model has been confirmed by email, the selected item not yet tattooed will be sent to you for the fitting test, or to confirm the right size for you.

step 3


Once the size is confirmed, the actual design of your tattooed item begins. The shoe or sandal will be hand-tattooed by our tattoo artist, but not only that... you can add personalized designs/writings on your Brador item.

Always write to us at and we will be happy to give you all the necessary information.

Since this is a limited edition, we inform our customers that each shoe will have a unique and unrepeatable serial number.

The purchase of the limited edition takes place through a direct email exchange to