Women's leather sneakers

Women's leather sneakers: a wide selection of models to meet every need

Inside the Brador collectionwomen's leather sneakers represent a perfect synthesis of style and comfort. This category, in fact, includes a wide selection of models, each of which reflects a unique combination of contemporary design and craftsmanship.

Our women's leather sneakers are not just fashion accessories, but real life companions, capable of adapting to any situation, from work to free time.Versatility is a key feature: they match perfectly with both a casual and a more sophisticated look, underlining the personality of the wearer.

The attention to detail is also reflected in the choice of materials: soft and breathable leathers, comfortable insoles, and resistant soles.Each pair of sneakers is synonymous with maximum comfort, destined to resist over time and improve with use, as the best artisan traditions teach.


Made in italy

40 years of experience and passion

Women's leather sports shoes: when elegance meets practicality

Brador women's leather sports shoes represent a perfect meeting between two fundamental elements: timeless elegance and practicality . Our company, with forty years of experience in the footwear sector, proudly passes on the typical Romagna manufacturing tradition.

Each pair of sneakers that is part of our offer is a testimony to the constant commitment to the quality and refinement of true Made in Italy . The creation entirely by hand by our expert craftsmen and the use of fine materials guarantee not only extraordinary aesthetics but also unparalleled resistance.

Wearing our women's leather sports shoes means combining sophisticated style with uncompromising comfort , facing every day with confidence and elegance. Brador is the choice for those seeking the best, where beauty and functionality blend into a single experience, enhancing femininity with a touch of class in every step.

Women's leather sneakers: choose the one you prefer from multiple models

Brador's wide selection of women's leather sneakers offers you the opportunity to express your unique style on every occasion of the day , with elegance and refinement. Our collection includes a variety of styles, carefully designed to meet the style and comfort needs of modern women.

If you want a classic and timeless look, you will find sneakers with clean lines and minimal details , perfect for formal or informal occasions. If you are looking for something bolder, we have models with unique details and available in brighter shades.

Women's leather sneakers are made with care, using only high quality materials, to guarantee maximum comfort and durability. Whether you choose a sober or bold design, with Brador you will always have the absolute certainty of wearing classy and stylish footwear .

Made in Italy women's leather sneakers: the unmistakable charm of handcrafted footwear

Brador women's leather sneakers embody the essence of authentic Italian craftsmanship . Each pair is a testimony to the timeless charm of expertly made footwear, with a tradition that has its roots in generations of expert shoemakers from Romagna.

Each shoe is a real jewel to wear on your feet, shaped by hand by skilled craftsmen who know the perfection of stitching and the selection of materials. The use of the highest quality leather makes the sneakers a symbol of discreet and lasting luxury . Wearing these Made in Italy creations is embracing a century-old tradition of artisanal excellence, a sign of timeless style that leaves an unmistakable imprint wherever you go.

Handcrafted leather sneakers for women: footwear made according to the canons of the Romagna tradition

Brador's handcrafted women's leather sneakers embody the excellence of the canons of the Romagna tradition in the production of the highest quality footwear. Every step in the creation of these shoes is a tribute to the craftsmanship that has made the region famous.

Brador's expert shoemakers select and shape only the best materials, ensuring that each pair of sneakers is a true work of art. The creation entirely by hand is a hallmark of our company, which gives the footwear unparalleled quality and precision. Every detail, from the choice of leather to the final stitching , is performed with the utmost attention to guarantee an impeccable result.

Discover handmade women's leather sneakers: accessories that become enriched over time

Brador's handmade women's leather sneakers represent an authentic example of craftsmanship. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision , guaranteeing uncompromising quality. What makes these sneakers truly special is their ability to evolve over time.

As you wear them day after day, leather sneakers acquire an unmistakable charm, bearing witness to your adventures and travels. Every shade, every sign tells a story , giving these shoes a unique character and personality.

The high quality of the materials used ensures that these sneakers maintain their original shape and comfort unchanged over the years. So, in addition to being elegant and classy, ​​Brador leather sneakers become a symbol of your lifestyle and experiences , testifying to the beauty of Italian craftsmanship that improves with time.

Women's handcrafted sneakers: the perfect footwear to wear on every daily occasion

Brador's handcrafted women's sneakers embody the excellence of Italian savoir-faire and represent the epitome of elegance and comfort for your daily days. Designed with unparalleled craftsmanship, they stand out for their impeccable craftsmanship and use of premium materials.

The combination of comfort, durability and timeless design makes Brador women's leather sneakers an impeccable choice for those seeking the best in footwear. Elegant and refined, these sneakers are the ideal companions to face every challenge that daily life throws at you with confidence and style.