Our Story

This is the story of those who believe with passion and dedication to Made in Italy

Brador, Made in italy

It was founded in 2003 by Eurotop & Brador Srl, a company in the footwear sector that has handed down the Romagna manufacturing tradition from generation to generation for more than 40 years.

Our goal has always been to create high quality footwear that lasts over time, because it is made according to the canons of true Made in Italy .

The creation entirely by hand and the use of the highest quality materials allows us to create unique footwear with a timeless style but always in step with the times.

Brador sandals and sneakers are entirely produced in Italy, following high quality standards.

Our motto comes from the idea that each shoe is a small, unique and unrepeatable piece.

Every Brador has a story

The uniqueness of our products derives from the use of natural materials and products which, together with the handwork of our artisans, allows customers to wear one-of-a-kind footwear that is never identical to each other.

The quality and beauty of our leathers is enhanced over time.

Our skin

We design our footwear so that they are beautiful when new, but that they acquire true beauty over time, characterized and made unique by the wearer and by our 'living' materials that change and acquire value step by step.

How it used to be done


We offer customers 100% Made in Italy products . Each Brador sandal or shoe arrives in your hands directly from our artisans.

our artisans

Brador is an expression of high Italian quality, made possible thanks to our artisans who have always believed in Made in Italy, day after day.

Behind every step of the production process there is a shared passion that unites our people, making the Brador brand an expression of community and respect towards others and the environment.